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Upcoming Activities

Planned Trips 4th Quarter 2003

Data from atlassers will continue to be accepted until the end of December 2003.  This is provisionally the final date (closure) for all data for the Protea Atlas Project.  These data will be used for the Atlas and to produce the modeled species distributions.

Adrian Moehl will be back this spring to help us again, and we will be running weekly field trips in October and November.  These will be determined by weather (rain and heat) and will comprise 1 day or 3-4 day trips - leaving Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning with camping overnight.  If you are interested please contact the office for the latest planned trips.  All are welcome. All depart Monday after lunch, and return either Thursday night or Friday by midday.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

The Atlas will be produced in 2004.  We still need sponsors, so please help if you can expedite the process.

24-27 Nov: Kouebokkeveld: NE Beaverlac, NE Citrusdal

Still outstanding - if you can check these it will be appreciated:

  • Ls rodolentum on the west coast from Skaapvlei to Hendriksvlei (north of the Olifants River)
  • Skilpiesklipberg - east end and flats south: Protea lorifolia
  • West end of Sanbona - southwest of Warmwaterberg.


22-23 Nov:  Olifantsrivier Montains: from Piekenierskloof Pass to Hot Baths. Cancelled - to be incorporated into 24-27 Nov. trip

17-19 Nov: Skulpieskop, Slagkloof (quartzite ridges in western Little Karoo)(Lo and behold - these all have Fynbos on them with lots of Proteas. Stayed at Monteco - well worth the visit! A few range extensions to Protea laurifolia, Vexatorella obtusata obtusata and lots of 5-6 species plots!)

10-13 Nov: Kleinrivierberg (eastern) Range extensions for Mimetes pauciflorus, Serruria rostellaris and a few other species! Another major gap closed.,
Caledon Swartberg (shale band) No luck in finding Sp thur, but lots of filler data. A spectacular globose form of Ls oleifolium!,
Agulhas (Doornbosch) Mindnumbing - doing 10 km walks (20plots) each with 15 species! Noting shattering other than a huge population of Witsenia maura, but good data.

31Oct-2 Nov: Marloth Trail - the northernmost two days loop (A wonderful trail - a major gap filled, but nothing surprising, although lots of good data)

27-30 Oct: Eastern Riviersonderend foothills (New record of Ls utriculosum and intermediates between Serruria gremialis and Se acrocarpa),
Great Brak R hinterland (Eastern Range extensions: Protea lanceolata: and confirmation that the area was Fynbos and not Renosterveld!),
Herberstdale foothills

24 Oct: Western Riviersonderend Mountains to check on Climax Conebush - 'Leucadendron climacticum'
(Just not yet flowering. A week or two too early!)

20-23 Oct: West Coast sand dunes (Lovely new records of Ls praemorsum Ls rodolentum and Ld brunioides: the latter on the sandy floors, and the former two on the semi-active dunes. No signs of fire, but lovely Fynbos. Two more hearsay records still to be checked up between Koetzesrus and Olifants River Mouth), Kobee Valley (Not done!)

6-9 Oct: Kammanassie W foothills (too dry, did not get up high enough to see anything other than Protea nitida,
Kango hills (superb fynbos country - 9 species plots - but nothing new),
Hills N Swartberg (Aasvoelberg, Grasberg) (no proteas, but good arid Fynbos with some exciting Erica species)

30 Sep-2 Oct: Rooiberg (Ld eucalyptifolium is possibly NEW!), Fouriesberg, Prinsberg

Planned Trips 4th Quarter 2002

October 18: - Ld elimense nova at Genadendal - if time Se florida east at Assegaaiboskloof (3/4 day)

October 22: Evening - October 27 - GrootRivierberg and Willowmore and Antoniesberg

October 30-31: - Rooiberg at VanWyksdorp (leaving 29 in evening)

November 4-8: Nieuwoudtville and West Coast

November 11-15: Little Karoo and Langeberg/Robinson Karoo

November18-22: Eastern Cape (Dave Jones to help organize ? - what has not burned down? - I heard some exciting fires are ranging horizon to horizon - Kouga Mountains).

November 25-26: Unassigned - nearer Cape Town.

December 12: Up Emerald Dome and Victoria peak

Planned Trips 2nd Quarter 2002

We will be taking long trips at the end of May and again in August, with a full field season in September and October. If you can help, please contact us.

If you wish to be appraised of further details of these trips, please e-mail me your details and I will oblige. Otherwise, please phone the office for more information near the time. Weekday trip details will only be circulated by e-mail.

May Dutoitskop from Franschhoek Pass to Wemmershoek Dam wall.

May end Flats between Gamkaberg and Fouriesberg, Hills behind Koo, Hills west of Bellair Dam, Kammanassie Dam area, Antoniesberg, Kougaberg.

June Marloth Trail extreme west end.

June - Olifantsrivierberg from Piekenierskloof to Hottwottasprings.

from Piekenierskloof to Hottwottasprings.

July Buffelshoek Pass to Cederberg OuKaapse pad to Bakleikraal and return via Peerboom.

If you would like to see areas where the Protea Atlas Project has previously visited, have a look at Protea Atlas Project Field Trips for 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001.

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