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Protea Gallery

Here are some pictures of proteas, beetles that live in protea flowerheads, rodents and birds.

Sugarbushes Protea Featherbushes Aulax Sceptres Paranomus Beechwoods Faurea Spoons Spatalla
Black-beard Sugarbush - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Broad-Leaf Featherbush - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Overberg Sceptre - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Transvaal Beechwood - Photo: NBI Collection Wooly Unispoon - Photo: Deryck McCallum

Spiderheads Serruria Powderpuffs Sorocephalus Pincushions Leucospermum Silkypuffs Diastella Vexators Vexatorella
Houwhoek Spiderhead - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Erect Powderpuff - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Green Tree Pincushion - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Flats Silkypuff - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Swartruggens Vexator - Photo: NBI Collection

Pagodas Mimetes Marsh Rose Orothamnus Conebushes Leucadendron Wild Almond Brabejum
Common Pagoda - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Marsh Rose - Photo: NBI Collection Laingsburg Conebush - Photo: David Osborne Wild Almond - Photo: NBI Collection

Australian invaders in southern Africa Telopea Silky Oaks Grevillia Needlebushes Hakea Banksia
Telopea speciossisima - Photo: Tony Rebelo Photo: Grevillia banksii - Photo: Tony Rebelo Silky Needlebush - Photo: Nigel Forshaw Banksia ericifolium - Photo: Nigel Forshaw

South American Proteas Embothrium Lomatia Orites
Chilean Flame Tree - Photo: Adrian Moehl Lomatia hirta - Photo: Adrian Moehl Orites myrtoidea - Photo: Adrian Moehl

Symbionts - Pollinators, Seed Dispersers and Parasites
Beetles, Bugs and Mites
Bees and Wasps
Rove Beetle - Drawing: John Rainbird
Protea Rove Beetle
- Phloeonomus sp
Photographs taken by Atlassers

Reuben Heydenrych
Mervyn Lotter

Have a look at some photographs of Protea Lookalikes.

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