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Reuben Heydenrych - A Selection of his Photographs

F. saligna flowerhead, Tonquani, Magaliesberg P. caffra x welwitschii flower, Welgevonden, Waterberg P. caffra x welwitschii, Welgevonden, Waterberg P. caffra bud, Tonquani, Magaliesberg 2002 P. caffra flowerhead, Tonquani,Magaliesberg P. caffra flowers open, Magaliesberg
P. dracomontana, Monk's Cowl SF P. gaguedi savannah, Badplaas P. roupelliae, Cradle of Humankind WHS P. welwitschii in flower, Tonquani, Magaliesberg P. welwitschii with multiple flowerheads, Magaliesberg P. welwitschii colony, Tonquani, Magaliesberg
L. saxosum, S of Lekgalameetse P. caffra x welwitschii bud, Welgevonden, Waterbergs P. gaguedi, Wolkberg 2001 P. roupelliae flower, Tauteshoogte near Stoffberg P. welwitschii bud, Tonquani, Magaliesberg P. welwitschii flowerheads, Tonquani, Magaliesberg

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