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The Big Five

Everyone seems to be constructing lists of the big five (mammals, insects, birds to name a few). So what would our candidates be? The following is a preliminary list gleaned from the literature. It cannot be the final word. Please lets have your candidates! Protea Atlas Logo

Top Five Largest Flowerheads

Dimension Scientific Name Common Name
300 mm across Protea cynaroides King Sugarbush
180 mm across Protea rupicola Krantz Sugarbush
160 mm across Protea cryophila Snowball Sugarbush
160 mm across Protea nitida Wagon Tree
150 mm across Protea magnifica Queen Sugarbush

Top Five Tallest Plants

Dimension Scientific Name Common Name
30m tall Faurea delevoyii River Beechwood
25m tall Faurea macnaughtonii Terblanz Beechwood
25m tall Faurea rubriflora Manica Beechwood
20m tall Faurea saligna African Beechwood
12m tall Protea mundii Forest Sugarbush

Top Five Widest Plants

Dimension Scientific Name Common Name
to 8 m across Brabejum stellatifolium Wild Almond
to 8 m across Leucospermum profugum Piketberg Pincushion
to 7 m across Leucospermum praemorsum Nardouw Fountain Conebush
to 7 m across Protea sulphurea Sulphur Sugarbush
to 6m across Leucospermum heterophyllum Trident Pincushion Sulphur Sugarbush

Top Five Most Grown or Sold

Scientific Name Common Name
Leucospermum cordifolium The Pincushion
Protea cynaroides King Sugarbush
Protea magnifica Queen Sugarbush
Leucospermum tottum Ribbon Pincushion
Protea repens Common Sugarbush

Top five most atlassed species

Scientific Name Common Name
Leucadendron salignum Common Sunshine Conebush
Protea repens Common Sugarbush
Protea nitida Wagon Tree
Protea cynaroides King Sugarbush
Protea laurifolia Greyleaf Sugarbush

Largest Flowerhead in each genus

Genus Common Name Scientific Name Dimensions
Aulax Featherbush Aulax cancellata 35 x 35 mm
Brabejuim Wild Almond Brabejum stellatifolium 100-160 x 15-25 mm
Diastella Silkypuffs Diastella thymelaeoides meridiana 20mm
Faurea Beechwoods Faurea rubriflora up to 200mm long
Leucospermum Pincushions Leucospermum catherinae, formosum and tottum 150 mm across
Leucadendron Conebushes Leucadendron argenteum 50 x 40 mm
Mimetes Pagodas Mimetes arboreus 80-200 x 80-100mm
Orothamnus Marsh Rose Orothamnus zeyheri 40-65 x 40-60mm
Paranomus Scepters Paranomus reflexus 80-140 x 50-70 mm
Protea Sugarbushes Protea cynaroides 120-200 x 120-300
Serruria Spiderheads Serruria altiscapa 700-1250 x 80-120 mm
Sorocephalus Powderpuffs/Clusterheads Sorocephalus alopecurus 50-60 x 20 mm
Spatalla Spoons Spatalla longifolia 30-100 x 15 mm
Vexatorella Vexators Vexatorella latebrosa 25-30 x 25-30 mm

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