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Is Serruria elongata stalked spiderhead moth pollinated?

Protea Atlas LogoCould atlassers please check up the odours emitted by the Stalked Spiderhead.

According to AGR-910921-11 plants produced a very strong scent at 16h50. The scent was overpowering, a cloyed, sickly sweet odour, similar to jasmine, but far stronger. All the plants were producing scent. No scent was noted on any Se elon plants prior to this, which was from about nine o'clock in the morning.

The production of a sweet scent towards dusk suggests that the species may be visited by moths. So if you care for romantic moonlight walks, or regularly roam in the gloaming, please keep an eye (and nose) open for visitors to this species (and others!). Moth activity is greatest during calm, warm evenings, although observations are easiest at dusk and when there is adequate moonlight. Note that you may pool all your pollination records over the month onto a single SRS for that Record Locality.

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