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IDM Cape Peninsula - Swartkops Spiderhead - Serruria hirsuta

A solid black dot indicates where the species is found.

Serruria hirsuta - Swartkops Spiderhead is a very attractive endemic to the Cape Peninsula. With its stalkless flowers and pink heads it is allied to Serruria villosa but clearly different. Its hairy leaves are distinctive when not in flower.

It is a rare species, only known from the mid north-east slopes of the Swartkopsberg above Simonstown. Fortunately the historical belief that Se hirs was widespread in the southern Peninsula appears to have died. This species is apparently threatened by the new CPPNE boundary, which may effectively destroy half the known world population.

As this is another Peninsula endemic, we desperately need seasonal flowering and growth data for this species. Only March has suffcient data for our needs. Could a local resident please visit this species every month and record its flowering and growth?


Serruria hirsuta Distribution

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